3 December 2013

A Classic Kids Christmas

Christmas Day with the Kids = Fun, Festive & FRANTIC! 
Christmas is an exciting time for children so why not make it as fun as it can be.  Start a tradition and encourage your kids to leave Santa a thank you message with some milk and cookies.  Our Thank You Santa Pack is available on our website and can be used year after year!  I wonder what message Santa will leave for the kids on Christmas morning…

Our Christmas Flag Bunting will set the scene over the dining table, entry way or in the backyard (that’s where we will be hanging ours) bringing traditional Christmas colour! We made some layered jelly for the kids and stamped some reindeer names on the spoons with our alphabet stamp kit….what reindeer do you want to be? Dancer is our pick!  Check out our Reindeer Jelly Cup Set.

We used a jelly recipe from the Food Librarian’s Blog: http://www.foodlibrarian.com/2009/02/valentines-5-layer-finger-jello.html

If your Christmas is anything like ours, there will be PLENTY of yummy leftovers…share them around using our Red & Green Chevron Favour Bags 

Our Noel Tea Light Holders make a great candy cane holder for the kids!  Take advantage of our 15% Christmas Discount Storewide and Shop Now

Happy Christmas Planning!

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